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Tips for college students traveling during the holidays

With the holidays in full swing, many college freshmen are traveling home for Thanksgiving and Christmas break for the first time since leaving home. Whether these young students are seasoned travelers or self-admitted homebodies, heading back and forth between college and home can seem a little overwhelming the first couple of times. Here are some car travel tips for college students returning home for the holidays.

Give yourself time
For many college freshmen, holiday travel represents the first time they are responsible for planning and navigating their own arrangements. This can become increasingly complicated as Thanksgiving and Christmas break often coincide with midterm or final testing periods. Be aware of when school dorms will be closed and when exams are scheduled while planning your trip.

Know your travel surroundings
During freshmen year, many students rarely venture far off campus to explore the surrounding community. This can make selecting the quickest and easiest method of transportation something of a mystery. Consult friends who may live in the area or school officials for information about the best routes home.

Travel with a friend
With so many students attending colleges across the U.S., it's likely that you know someone whose family lives relatively close to your hometown. If this is the case, consider traveling together for added convenience. This can allow you to save money on gas and travel fares while sharing driving responsibility on alternating holiday breaks.

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